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HS 070810 - Ervilhas (Pisum sativum)
ICS 03120 Quality
ICS 67080 Fruits. Vegetables
País United States of America
Agência responsável Agricultural Marketing Service (AMS), Department of Agriculture (USDA) [1678]
Agency or authority designated to handle comments if different from above Please submit comments to: USA WTO TBT Enquiry Point, Email:
Covered Products Split peas
Cobertura Ervilhas
Title, number of pages and language(s) of the notified document United States Standards for Split Peas
Resumo em portugues Propõe Regulamento Técnico para padrões para ervilhas secas.
Resumo original Notice and request for comments - The United States Department of Agriculture's (USDA) Agricultural Marketing Service (AMS) is proposing a revision to the method of interpretation for determining "whole peas", in the Pea and Lentil Inspection Handbook, as it pertains to the class "Split Peas," in the U.S. Standards for Split Peas under the United States Agricultural Marketing Act (AMA). Stakeholders in the pea processing/ handling industry requested AMS to amend the interpretation of whole peas in the Split Pea inspection instructions by increasing the percent requirement for the factor whole peas. To ensure that the Split Pea class standard remains relevant, AMS invites interested parties to comment on whether revising the inspection instruction facilitates the marketing of Split Peas. This action does not revise or amend the Grade and Grade Requirements for the class Split Peas in the U.S. Standard for Split Peas.
Objetivos Informação ao Consumidor Requisitos da Qualidade
Documentos relevantes 85 Federal Register (FR) 60955, 29 September 2020: This notice and request for comments is identified by Docket Number AMS-FGIS-20-0067. The Docket Folder is available on at and provides access to primary documents as well as comments received. Documents are also accessible from by searching the Docket Number.  WTO Members and their stakeholders are asked to submit comments to the USA TBT Enquiry Point.  Comments received by the USA TBT Enquiry Point from WTO Members and their stakeholders will be shared with the regulator and will also be submitted to the Docket on if received within the comment period. 
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