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Sistema de classificação Código Nome
HS 0406 Queijos e requeijão.
ICS 6710030 Cheese
País Egypt
Cobertura alimentos
Resumo em portugues Informa que o Regulamento Técnico que se refere ao Projeto de Norma Egípcia ES 1008-12 para queijo feta, foi formulado de acordo com estudos nacionais, anteriormente notificado em G/TBT/N/EGY/1, determinou, entre outros, a versão anterior desta norma.
Resumo original Products covered: ICS 67.100.30 (Cheese) This addendum concerns the notification of the Draft Egyptian Standard ES 1008-12 " soft cheese - part: 12 feta cheese " (11 Pages, In Arabic). It should be noted that the Ministerial Decree No. 130/2005 (11 pages, in Arabic) which was formerly notified in G/TBT/N/EGY/1 dated 14 December 2005 mandated among others the earlier version of this Egyptian Standard. Worth mentioning is that this draft standard has been formulated according to National studies. Producers and importers are kept informed of any amendments in the Egyptian standard through the publication of administrative orders in the official gazette. Date of adoption: To be determined. Date of entry into force: To be determined. Agency or authority designated to handle comments and text available from:National Enquiry PointEgyptian Organization for Standardization and Quality16 Tadreeb El-Modarrebeen St., Ameriya, Cairo - EgyptE-mail: + (202) 22845528Fax: + (202) 22845504