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HS 2501 Salt (including table salt and denatured salt) and pure sodium chloride, whether or not in aqueous solution or containing added anti-caking or free-flowing agents; sea water.
ICS 6722010 Spices and condiments
País Viet Nam
Agência responsável Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development Department of Cooperatives and Rural Development, No. 2 Ngoc Ha street, Ba Dinh District, Hanoi, Vietnam Tel: (+84-24) 32444731 Fax: (+84-24) 38438791Website:
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Artigos 2.9.2
Covered Products Food grade salt (sodium chloride)
Cobertura Sal
Title, number of pages and language(s) of the notified document The draft National technical regulation on food grade salt (sodium chloride)
Resumo em portugues Propõe Regulamento Técnico sobre sal de qualidade alimentar (cloreto de sódio), e especifica os requisitos técnicos e gerenciais para o sal de qualidade alimentar.
Resumo original 1. This draft national technical regulation on food grade salt (Sodium chloride) specifies the technical and managerial requirements for food grade salt (Sodium chloride). 2. This draft technical regulation applies to: 2.1. Domestic and foreign organizations, individuals manufacturing, processing, trading, exporting and importing food grade salt in the territory of Vietnam. 2.2. State management agencies, concerned organizations and individuals. 3. Stipulating responsibilities of organizations, individuals and implementing organizations of managing agencies.
Objetivos Saúde Humana
Documentos relevantes Decree No. 15/2017/ND-CP dated February 17, 2017 of the Government defining the functions, tasks, powers and organizational structure of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development; Law on Standards and Technical Regulations dated June 29, 2006; Law on Food Safety dated June 17, 2010; Decree No. 15/2018/ND-CP dated February 2, 2018 of the Government detailing the implementation of a number of articles of the Law on Food Safety; Decree No. 155/2018/ND-CP dated 12/11/2018 of the Government amending and supplementing a number of regulations related to conditions for business investment under the management scope of the Ministry of Health; Decree No. 09/2016/ND-CP dated January 28, 2006 of the Government regulating the enhancement of micronutrients in food; Decree No. 40/2017/ND-CP dated April 5, 2017 of the Government on management of salt production and trading.
Detalhes do contato Ministry of Agriculture and Rural DevelopmentDepartment of Cooperatives and Rural DevelopmentNo. 2 Ngoc Ha street, Ba Dinh District, Hanoi, Vietnam Tel: (+84-24) 32444731 Fax: (+84-24) 38438791Website: can be downloaded at:

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