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HS 731930 - Other pins
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Artigos 2.9.2
Covered Products Grooved Pins- Half- Length Grooved With Gorge
Cobertura Alfinetes
Title, number of pages and language(s) of the notified document Communiqué on TS 2337-18 Pins-Chapter 18: Grooved Pins- Half- Length Grooved With Gorge
Resumo em portugues Propõe Regulamento Técnico TS 2337-18 sobre os requisitos para as dimensões e especificações de ordem técnica para alfinetes de segurança que são encaixados no orifício de inserção com a tolerância.
Resumo original This standard covers requirements for the dimensions and technical order specifications of the pins with gorge which have three equally spaced groovers empressed half length longitudinally on the exterior surface with nominal diameter 1,5 mm ? d1 ?25 mm. These pins, which are pushed fit into the insertion hole at the tolerance of H11, are designed to hold the retaining rings, the washers, the springs and the like.    Pins within the scope of this standard are divided into grooved pins (Type A) to hold the retaining rings, grooved pins (Type B) for holding the washers and rounded grooved pins (Type C). Tolerance class H11 is recommended for holes in which the pin enters (pins in accordance with TS EN ISO 8750).
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Documentos relevantes TS 2337-18 (May 2001) "Grooved pins- Half- Length Grooved With Gorge" Standard
Detalhes do contato Ministry of Industry and TechnologyDG for EU and Foreign AffairsTel: 0 (312) 201 60 82Fax: 0 312 219 68 64e-posta: text of regulation is supplied in English in the attached files.

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    Até 29/09/19
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    The regulation will be adopted upon its publication.
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    The regulation will enter into force 6 months after its publication.
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